Dunnville Horticulture Society

Fall Clean up of Town Beds

     A BIG THANK YOU TO EVERYONE who came out to help…..many hands make quick work! We had 27 hardy (young and older) volunteers in all ….pulling, weeding, loading, carting…..along with Mike Lessard and his son, Caleb Lessard, from Jeff’s Lawncare, providing a large truck and trailer.
      Everything was loaded and Mike took care of carting away the plant material and disposal.  It saved so much time. Thank you, Mike and Caleb.
      Then we gathered at Flyers for coffee and muffins. Cheryl from Flyers donated all the drinks and made a fresh tray of warm carrot muffins for all of us to enjoy. She gave a huge heartfelt thank you to DHS for all we do throughout town. Well done everyone, many thanks …we were done in under 2 hours. “Many hands make light and quick work!”

Haldimand Press

Debbie Thomas, President
PRESS RELEASE -Oct. 20 2016
Dunnville, Ontario.

Hardy Dunnville Horticultural Society (DHS) volunteers have been busy spreading mulch, and on some of the hottest, most humid days this past summer and fall. We spread just shy of 50 yds of mulch about 5″ thick on the town flowerbeds. Mulch is applied for many reasons including cosmetic, water retention, weed suppression and, as it breaks down, soil enhancement. Thank you to “Grand Garden Gallery” for donating the black decorative mulch for under “Muddy” and “McKays Stump and Tree Removal” for their donation of natural mulch for the “East and West Welcome Signs“ and the ”Christmas Tree garden bed” in town. Mulch was also acquired through Haldimand County from the tree removals in Lions Park.

DHS, for the very first time, participated in “Haldimand Motors Great Tricycle” event, entering both a float and the race, proudly taking home over $3350. in prize money. The proceeds have been earmarked for a few projects including the restoration of the 1967 Centennial Fountain located in Dunnville’s Centennial Park (to be completed during 2017), Canada’s 150th birthday and Centennial Fountain’s 50th birthday.

DHS officially launched a new website! Please visit us www.dunnvillehortandgardenclub.org and let us know what you think. You will also find details about our upcoming Oct. 22 Program, featuring Jeff Bokma “Houseplants 101” from Vermeer’s Garden Centre, as well as our Annual Flower/Vegetable Show and Seed Exchange. Program begins at 7pm and doors open at 6:30pm. As always, everyone is welcome and there is no cost.

Mark your calendars for Sat. Oct. 22. We’ll meet at 9am at the Bridge to clean up the town flowerbeds. Volunteers are appreciated.

Any questions or comments, please contact Debbie Thomas President DHS 905 774 3064.


Gardening Tasks for October

Sandi Marr, DHS Recording Secretary

Autumn is a season of beauty and reflection for gardeners. There are a few gardening tasks to prepare for winter and plan ahead for the next gardening season. Fall is a good time to “dig and divide.” It is not too late to dig up mature perennials and divide them into smaller portions to replant around your garden or share with friends.

The trunks of fruit trees may be wrapped with a plastic spiral guard to prevent rodent damage in winter. Mice and rabbits can wreak havoc on young, tender bark. Wrap evergreens with two layers of burlap: one layer to protect against the burning sun as it reflects off snow and another to protect evergreens from wind. This is especially true for cedars, junipers and like, that are on the east side of a road, where they catch the prevailing west wind with salt spray.

Fall fertilizer may be applied late in this month or early November.  Fall lawn fertilizer builds strong lawns in numerous ways, but mostly at the root zone where they need it most this time of year. Fall is the time to plant garlic cloves.  Plant cloves about 4 cm deep and 10 cm apart.  Use loose, open, sandy soil as they like water to drain away from them. Your garlic crop will be ready to harvest next August.

After the first serious frost, dig up your dahlias and lay the ‘bulbs’ (tubers) in the sun to dry for a day or two. Store in a large, craft paper leaf bag with dry peat moss or shredded newspaper in a cool but dry place. Plan to plant them up in March for a repeat performance next season. Do not cut back fall flowering ornamental grasses, coneflower, rudebeckia and all of the autumn flowering plants that produce a seed head. The birds will forage the seeds well past the first snow fall.

For more excellent gardening tips and inspiration, visit www.dunnvillehortandgardenclub.org. Better yet, join us Oct. 20, 7-9pm for our Dunnville Horticultural Society Monthly Program Night. Jeff Bokma from Vermeers Garden Centre, Welland will be speaking on “Houseplants 101.” We meet at the Optimist Hall. Refreshments are served and the evening is free to members and non-members alike. Contact Debbie Thomas, President at (905) 774-3064 or Deb Zynomirski, VP at 416-566-9337 if you have questions or comments.

Sandi Marr is the Recording Secretary for the DHS and can be reached at sandi.h@sympatico.ca.


Oct. 2016 DHS Monthly Program – Optimist Hall

Sandi Marr, DHS Recording Secretary

Dunnville Horticultural Society

Program Night Minutes

Oct. 20, 2016

Our October program night began with a full house of 105 people including some junior gardeners and their families. President Debbie Thomas warmly welcomed everyone, members and guests. Treasurer’s report and September minutes were posted on the bulletin board.

A special welcome was extended to Mason Zynomirski, our newest student recruit from Dunnville Secondary School. Mason has committed to earn his 40 hours community service with DHS as he joins us with tech support. Welcome Mason!

Updates included:
Huge win at Haldimand County Recognition Night (HCRN). DHS received the “Community Project Award under $10,000.000 for decorative edging and plantings around East and West Dunnville signs and Muddy the Mudcat. Thank you to Russ Savage and George Byleveld for excellent work on these projects. Thanks to the Rotary Club for their funds along with HC for this project. We also recognize and thank Grand Country Garden Centre (Garden Gallery), McKay’s Tree and Stump Removal, and Haldimand County for donation of mulch.

Congrats also to: Steve Elgersma (volunteer nomination) and Michelle Zynomirski and Brant Richardson (youth volunteer nomination) at Haldimand County Recognition Night. We are very proud of our DHS volunteers. Appreciation was expressed to all.

New Business:
Oct. 22 is our “fall clean up” day. We’ll meet at the bridge/condo parking lot at 9am and concentrating on removing annuals. Mike Lessard of “Jeff’s Lawn Care” will join us with his trailer for hauling our plant debris. Many hands make light work!

Oct. 26 is our “fall bulb planting” day. Again, we’ll meet at the bridge/condo parking lot at 9am to plant fall bulbs, including our special “Canada 150” tulips. Bring a trowel, gloves, and knee pads. Come and help as you are able.

Nov. 5 is our “decorate winter planters” day. We’ll gather at the fountain at 10am. This year we have 24 planters to fill so volunteers are welcomed. If you are able to help, please bring your pruners, gloves, and any items you might have such as birch, curly willow, hydrangea, evergreens, etc.

Nov. 11 is the “Remembrance Day” ceremony. Meet at the Cenotaph at 10:30am for 11am laying the wreath. Thanks to Wray McLean for volunteering to represent DHS.

Call for new Directors: we welcome anyone interested to join our board. DHS board is a great place to share your gifts and passion for gardening. New volunteers bring fresh ideas and vision. Please speak with Debbie Thomas or Deb Zynomirski if you are interested. Installation of board members occurs at our upcoming Nov. program meeting.

Flower, Vegetable and Pumpkin Show: jr. gardener winners were presented.
Largest Sunflower Head: 1st prize – Brennen Dorland, 2nd prize – Alicia Stavinga, 3rd prize –  Ethan Dorland
Vegetable Animals: 1st prize – Alicia Stavinga, 2nd prize – Braydon Mellic, 3rd prize –  Christina Lucas
Scarecrow: 1st prize – Alicia Stavinga. Thanks to our judges: Denise Richardson, Marlene Link, and Pauline Bradford.

2016 Survey was distributed. Everyone was encouraged to offer feedback. Next month, those who submitted a survey will be entered in a draw. We value everyones’ comments and suggestions as we move forward into 2017.

Refreshment break was announced with appreciation to our volunteers. Tonight’s snack was provided by: Barb Whyte, Lynn Loney, Petra Kruis Daly, Carol Mulder, Susan Milligan, Kim Christoff and Marlene Link. Refreshments are a highlight of our program night. Special thanks to Wray and Bev McLean for arriving early and organizing our monthly snacks. Please speak to Bev if you are interested in providing refreshments in 2017.

Our guest speaker, Jeff Bokma, General Manager of Vermeers, Welland was introduced. Jeff is a returning favourite at DHS. He has been employed at Vermeers for over 20 years and indoor/outdoor plants are truly his passion. Jeff presented a very informative and interesting powerpoint on “Houseplants 101” and answered many questions related to the care of houseplants. He brought along some unique plants for us to become acquainted with. We were honoured to have Jeff back with us again.

Flower, Vegetable and Pumpkin Show winners in the adult categories were announced. Thanks to everyone who participated and to Pauline Bradford for organizing this event.
Annuals – 1st Prize – Lester Fretz, 2nd Prize – Petra Cruz Daly, 3rd Prize  – Petra Cruz Daly
Perennials  – 1st Prize – Deb Zynomirski, 2nd Prize – Petra Cruz Daly, 3rd Prize – Denise Richardson
Roses –  1st Prize – Lester Fretz, 2nd Prize – Kim Christoff, 3rd Prize –  Sandra Gill
Largest Root Veg –  1st Prize – Lester Fretz, 2nd Prize – Marilyn Stavinga, 3rd Prize – Jan Loots
Largest Tomato –  1st Prize –  Lester Fretz
Most Unusual Veg – 1st Prize – Jan Loots, 2nd Prize – Denise Richardson, 3rd Prize – Brant Richardson
Cute Critters  –  1st Prize – Gloria Hunter, 2nd Prize – Denise Richardson
How’s That – 1st Prize – Gloria Hunter, 2nd Prize – Kim Christoff, 3rd Prize – Jan Loots
Pumpkin Carving –  Most Gruesome – Brant Richardson, Funniest – Bruce Burton, Meanest – Marilyn Stavinga, Scariest –  Bruce Burton.

Next month is our AGM/Christmas Potluck and we will gather at 6pm. It will be a full evening with food, fellowship, AGM, Jr. Gardeners Award Night, Christmas Potluck Celebration, Penny Sale, 4-Seasons Garden Photo Contest, and our Food Drive for the Salvation Army. Speaking on “The right food for the right bird at the right time” will be Gary Cartlidge, Armstrong Milling, Dunnville. There will be no Ways and Means.

Ways and Means winners were also called and many recycled garden treasures were claimed by our winners.  Thanks to everyone who attended, first-timers and regular attendees. Finally, a big thanks to everyone who pitched in to make tonight’s program such a success. Every hand helps! Be sure to check our website for regular updates between programs at: www.dunnvillehortandgardenclub.org.

Sandi Marr, DHS Recording Secretary


Flower & Vegetable Show Oct. 20

Junior Flower Show Winners – Fall 2016
Congratulations !!
Largest Sunflower Head –   1st prize – Brennen Dorland
                                                  2nd prize – Alicia Stavinga
                                                  3rd prize –  Ethan Dorland
Vegetable Animals                  1st prize – Alicia Stavinga
                                                   2nd prize – Braydon Mellic
                                                   3rd prize –  Christina Lucas
Scarecrow                             1st prize –   Alicia Stavinga
Adult Fall Flower & Vegetable Show Winners 2016
Annuals – 1st Prize – Lester Fretz
                   2nd Prize – Petra Cruz Daley
                   3rd Prize  – Petra Cruz Daley
Perennials  – 1st Prize – Deb Zynomirski
                        2nd Prize – Petra Cruz Daley
                        3rd Prize – Denise Richardson
Roses            1st Prize – Lester Fretz
                        2nd Prize – Kim Christoff
                        3rd Prize –  Sandra Gill
Largest Root Veg –  1st Prize – Lester Fretz
                                   2nd Prize – Marilyn Stavinga
                                   3rd Prize – Jan Loots
Largest Tomato –  1st Prize –  Lester Fretz
Most Unusual Veg – 1st Prize – Jan Loots
                                     2nd Prize – Denise Richardson
                                     3rd Prize – Brant Richardson
Cute Critters    1st Prize – Gloria Hunter
                             2nd Prize – Denise Richardson
How’s That –      1st Prize – Gloria Hunter
                             2nd Prize – Kim Christoff
                             3rd Prize – Jan Loots
Pumpkin Carving –  Most Gruesome – Brant Richardson
                                      Funniest – Bruce Burton
                                      Meanest – Marilyn Stavinga
                                      Scariest –  Bruce Burton
Thanks to Pauline Bradford for organizing and to our judges: Marlene Link, Denise Richardson, Pauline Bradford.

Fall Bulb Planting

A Big Thank You to Kim Christoff, Steve Elgersma, Marilyn Stavinga, Bev McLean and Debbie Thomas on behalf of the DHS. On Oct. 12 this crew of volunteers were busy planting over 200 tulip bulbs in the flowerbeds by the East and West Dunnville signs. So, next spring we will see a beautiful floral display of red and white colour for our “Canada 150” ….thanks to these hardworking gardeners. Let’s give them a big shout out for their dedication!

DHS Newsletter

Sue Mazi, DHS Corresponding Secretary


October 2016


Happy Autumn! Finally–some relief from the heat and humidity. Now it’s not so difficult to get outside to do some much needed yard work.

September was a busy month for the DHS. For the very first time we participated in the Great Tricycle Race held in Cayuga on September 9th. Every year the Great Tricycle Race is an opportunity for Haldimand’s service groups, not-for-profit organizations, firefighters, high schools and sports teams to compete for bragging rights and cash donations to their causes. It’s also a platform to exhibit those who help out in the community. We were well represented with a float in the parade and 2 tricycle riders in the race. Our trike riders were DHS president Debbie Thomas and her better half, Andy Hyma. The trike race garnered us a prize of $750! We came in third in the float competition ($2000.00) and received $600 just for entering in the evening’s events. Thank you so much to Chris Ricker for providing his beautiful Belgian horses and market wagon for our team to decorate. It was awesome! Thank you also to Rosa Flora for the beautiful Gerbera daisies and Garden Gallery for donating grasses. Thank you to Margaret Kamping and her grade 3 & 4 students at Dunnville Christian School who came out to walk along us the DHS in the parade. The prize money will be put to good use with our Centennial Fountain restoration project. Last, but not least, a huge thank you to our Junior Gardeners and everyone else who came out to help and to cheer us on! This could be the beginning of a great annual tradition for our society.

DHS volunteers have been busy recently spreading mulch in the beds at the east and west “Welcome to Dunnville” signs and the bed in front of Sweet Retrospect located downtown. McKay’s Stump and Tree Removal generously donated over 9 yards of natural mulch for these beds. Garden Gallery donated 6 yards of black mulch for the beds underneath Muddy the Mudcat and we purchased 6 more to finish the job. The beds now have approximately 5 inches of mulch on them to keep the weeds down. Kim Christoff, Deb Zynomriski, Marilyn and Alisha Stavinga, Steve Elgersma, Gloria Hunter and Debbie Thomas all deserve a huge thank you for doing this work in the hottest, most humid weather we’ve had this summer.

The DHS recently gave a donation of $5,001.00 towards the development of the new Farmer’s Market for Dunnville. Careful planning and fundraising over the past 4 years have led up to this donation and we are very proud and excited to be able to support this project. We have been following the progress of both the Farmer’s Market and the new Waterfront Park from the beginning. Hopefully we can offer more assistance once the park has been built.

We are also very excited about the direction that our Centennial Fountain project has taken. The students from Dunnville Christian School are participating and have raised over $1000 for us and the money we received from the Tricycle Race has been earmarked for this project. We have recently secured a partnership grant from Haldimand County to put towards its rehabilitation. Some of this money will also be used to refurbish the butterfly gardens in front of Muddy the Mudcat. This has evolved from a “can we do something to fix the beds around the fountain?” meeting in front of it 2 years ago, to a huge, exciting project for the Dunnville Horticultural Society. We have applied for funding through provincial and federal programs in partnership with Haldimand County. We would also like to see new pathways linking Lions’ Park to Centennial Park and making the bridge over Thompson’s Creek accessible to all. We are confident that we’ll have all of our funding in place and the work will be completed in time for our 2017 Canada’s 150th Anniversary and Dunnville’s Centennial Park’s 50th Anniversary. If anyone is interested in donating toward this project please let us know and don’t forget: DHS is a registered charity and will provide tax receipts for your donation.

Our new website is officially up and running. Log in to the web address above and check it out. Let us know how you like it. We would appreciate your feedback.

Our guest speaker at the September program was Wendi Prior, assistant manager of the new Terra Greenhouses on Hwy 20 in Stoney Creek. She spoke about gardening in drought conditions and answered questions from our members.

Our guest speaker for the upcoming October program will be Jeff Bokma from Vermeer’s and his topic will be “Houseplants 101”. Our members really like Jeff. This will be his third appearance in the past 18 months. We will also be holding our annual seed exchange and our first annual “Fall Flower & Veggie show”, and what’s a fall flower and veggie show without some pumpkin carving? Bring your best Jack-0-Lantern to win a prize!

Please mark Saturday, October 22 on your calendar. We are meeting at the bridge at 9 a.m. to clean up the town flowerbeds-volunteers are needed.

November’s program is our AGM, Junior Gardeners awards, Christmas celebration, pot luck dinner and 4 season photo contest. It’ll be a busy evening for sure! Bring your favourite dish and a non-perishable food item to donate to our local food bank. Photos can be entered in each category: Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. The photos must be 4×6 with focus on gardens and taken in Haldimand County. 1 photo per category and the prizes are always awesome. Most importantly, a representative from District 9 will attend to swear in the executive and directors for 2017. We have a very strong group of people who work very hard for this organization. If you think you would like to get involved please let us know. We would love to have you!

See you at the meeting!

Sue Mazi, DHS Corresponding Secretary.


Essential advice for the gardener: grow peas of mind, lettuce be thankful, squash selfishness, turnip to help thy neighbor, and always make thyme for loved ones. ~Author Unknown

Haldimand Press

Debbie Thomas, President
     Dunnville, Ontario. Members of Dunnville’s Horticultural Society proudly deliver a cheque for $5001 to the Dunnville Market Redevelopment Committee. Careful planning and special fundraising over the past four years have lead up to this donation. The DHS mandate and that of the Dunnville Market group both fall under OMAFRA, and the Horticultural Society felt an important sense of responsibility to support its sister organization as it proceeds towards its new facility.
     Pictured here are:  DHS President Debbie Thomas and Treasurer Kim Christoff, Market Redevelopment Committee Treasurer Chris Houser and Chairman James Richardson, and DHS Vice-President Deb Zynomirski