Dunnville Horticulture Society

DHS Monthly Program – Optimist Hall

Debbie Thomas, President

June 2015

Meeting was opened by President Debbie Thomas at 7:10 p.m.

There were 83 people signed in. 3 new members were present.

Goodies were supplied by Doreen Love, Agnes Wolters, Pam Blanchard and Maura Cooper.

Debbie updated everyone on the following:

Projects: Muddy the Mudcat at the west end of town looks spectacular as the result of a positive partnership with Dunnville Rotary Club. A special thank you goes out to Russ & Tanya Savage of Landscapes by Russ. The design, plants and planting was all donated by them. Your DHS board of directors is working behind the scenes on other ideas such as the floral clock which only has a motor issue and a possible renovation of the fountain at Centennial Park. The large welcome signs at each end of town will have fewer annuals and more perennials in order to save on work and water. Debbie attended some elementary schools to recruit the Grade 8 students to become volunteers when they enter grade 9.

Planting Day: 23 volunteers turned out. Planting was finished by 12:30. All volunteers enjoyed a lunch donated by McDonald’s restaurant. We are still in need of volunteers to assist with weeding . There are 30 flowerbeds that the DHS oversees. Please see Debbie Thomas during the break to sign up and view the list of available beds to choose from. 3 to 4 people per bed would be ideal; you can work on your own schedule.

Mudcat Festival: We hosted a booth at Community Lane. Thank you to the volunteers who manned the booth on April 13th. It was a fun day and we received great coverage in 3 local papers.

Bus Trip: Saturday, September 12th. Trip to Niagara Falls to tour the Botanical Gardens then a visit of 3 wineries to sample Ontario’s finest. Tickets go on sale tonight: $50 per person. Lunch is not included. Please see Deb Zynomirski at the break. Tickets will not be held: first come, first served. You can also call Deb at 416-566-9337 to arrange pick up at the Dunnville Chamber of Commerce on Monday mornings between 10 am and 12 noon when Maura Cooper is there.

Light Up Design Contest: Deadline for entries is July 31st. You can email, snail-mail or drop off your creation at the Dunnville Chamber of Commerce office. The winning design will be constructed by Vic Powell and his team of John Hart and Shaun O’Neill. It will be displayed at Wingfield Park as part of the Chamber of Commerce’s Light Up display at Christmas. The winning designer will receive a “yet to be determined” prize.

There will be NO general meeting in July or August. Our next meeting will be here at the Optimist Hall on Thursday, September 17th. Our guest speaker for that evening will be Sandi Marr. Topic will be “Bringing Fall Beauty to our Homes, Inside and Out”. This will also be our Trillium Awards night and our 2nd annual Flower & Veggie Show.

Nomination forms for Trillium Awards were available at the meeting and are also available at the Dunnville Chamber of Commerce, and on our website. Ballots can be mailed to the DHS at P. O. Box 274, Dunnville, Ontario N1A 2X5 or deposied in the ballot box at the Chamber of Commerce. Nominations will be accepted until June 30th. Judging takes place from July 3rd to July 12th. Volunteer judges are still needed. Please see Gloria Hunter or Deb Zynomirski at the break or after the meeting to sign up.

Our 2nd annual Flower & Veggie Show will be held at the September general meeting as well. Pauline Bradford is chairing this event. Class categories and entry sheets were available for members to take home.

Haldimand County is holding workshops for junior gardeners. Judy Jeffery and Mark and Margaret Bottrell were asked to lead some workshops and they all agreed.

Trivia Question: What comment did Jack Kent make about the new varieties of hydrangeas? They will bloom on new and old wood. Joan King answered the question.

Bruce Burton sold Lester Fretz a greenhouse by advertising it at a recent general meeting. He donated the money that he got to the DHS. Thank you Bruce!

10 minute break for refreshments and snacks.

Guest Speaker: Jeff Bokma spoke to our group about succulents. His talk was very informative. A webcam was used to display his specimens on the wall and it was a great idea. It provided all the members with an excellent view of the plants he brought without anyone having to leave their seat.

The treasurer’s report was accidentally overlooked. It will be reviewed at the September meeting.

The meeting was adjourned by Debbie Thomas at 8:48 p.m.

The winners of the Ways & Means draws were called. Thank you to everyone who donated items—the table was full! Thank you to Betty and Gwen for a great job organizing the Ways & Means. Thank you to Maura and Pauline for manning the kitchen, and to Ian for running the power point.

Have a great summer; see you all in September!

DHS Newsletter

Sue Mazi, DHS Corresponding Secretary


June 2015

Happy Summer! It’s finally here. The annuals are planted and now we wait for all the perennials to do their thing. I have peonies blooming, and numerous irises are already finished. It’s always exciting to see what the garden will do each year…perennial gardens never do the same thing twice.

Planting day on May 23rd was a success again this year. Thank you to Konkle’s Greenhouses for donating the annuals and to all of the hardworking people who volunteered their time to help with the planting. It was a beautiful day and the gardens are now set for another stunning season.

Jack Kent was our guest speaker again in May. He talked to our members about what’s new for our gardens for this year. He is always an engaging speaker and we love hearing from him. I visited his garden centre, The Potting Shed, recently and enjoyed walking around the grounds. There’s an enormous koi pond and goats and beautiful gardens full of huge hostas and daylilies and many plants for sale. If you haven’t had a chance to visit there I strongly recommend that you do so. You won’t be disappointed.

Our speaker for the upcoming general meeting will be Jeff Bokma from Vermeer’s Garden Centre and he’ll be talking about succulents. In this day of water wise gardening his lecture couldn’t be timelier.

Don’t forget to bring your designs for our light up display for Wingfield Park. The winning entry will be announced at the September general meeting and it will be constructed in time for this year’s Christmas display along the river. Entries in this contest will be accepted up until July 31st. Make sure it contains our letters (DHS) and that it has no sharp angles because rope lighting is used and it doesn’t bend well. Two colours are ideal, but three colours can be used too.

The Mudcat Festival will soon be upon us. This year it runs from June 11-14th. On Saturday June 13th we will be participating in “Community Lane” where we will have a table set up in order to inform people what we are all about and hopefully entice some new people to join. Our membership drive at the Lions’ Home & Garden Show was hugely successful. We signed up 57 people which brought our membership total to 200. What a tremendous achievement!

Speaking of “Mudcat”, the Dunnville Horticultural Society has teamed up with the Rotary Club to help them with landscaping underneath Muddy the Mudcat. We are helping with design and plant choices. So far the project is looking great. Rock and soil have been put into place and it makes such a difference. Soon it will be filled with plants and make a grand entrance for our town. Congratulations to all who have taken on this project. Muddy deserves it.

Your executive is excited to announce our upcoming bus trip to Niagara Botanical Gardens on September 12th! The day-long adventure begins with a tour of the breathtaking gardens by the Falls then we will visit 3 of Niagara’s premiere wineries to tantalize your taste buds. Tickets are $50 per person and will be available at the upcoming general meeting. If you don’t get them then, you can pick tickets up from Maura Cooper at the Chamber of Commerce, or call Deb Zynomirski at 416-566-9337. First come, first served…tickets will not be reserved.

We’ll be taking a break from our usual garden tour this year and there will be no general meeting in either July or August. During this time, however, your executive will be very busy with judging the nominated properties for the Trillium awards. We usually receive between 40-50 nominations and each house or business has to be judged by 3 individuals who then tally up and average their scores. We need volunteers for judging….if you’ve never done it before we will have a session to teach you what to do. There are strict criteria for the properties to meet in order to win. All you need is a score sheet, some garden sense, and a good eye.

At the September general meeting we will be giving out the Trillium Awards to this year’s recipients and we’ll also be holding our 2nd annual Flower & Veggie show. It’s fun and informal and has classes for everyone:

Flowers-annuals, perennials and roses

Vegetables- largest tomato, smallest carrot and most unusual

Pretty Things in small Packages- miniatures

Now How’s That- vegetable centerpiece

A Tisket A Tasket – arrangement in a basket

A Quick Snack- edible bouquet of fruit and vegetables

Thyme in a Bottle – a bottle garden

The classes are open to all of our members and if last year was any indication there’ll be lots of entries showing the creativity and imagination of our members. Our new junior gardeners will be having a show if their own, too. I’ll have more information for you in the near future.

Our guest speaker for the September meeting will be Sandi Marr. Her topic will be “bringing fall beauty to our homes, inside and out”.

Don’t forget the Blooms and Bubbly Garden tour on June 27th hosted by Senior Support Services. The cost is $12 per person and this entitles you to tour 4 beautiful gardens in town and for an additional fee there will be a BBQ, penny sale and wine tasting afterwards. For more information call 905-774-3005 or email
nmans@seniorsupport.ca or lveldman@seniorsupport.ca

Garden Tip of the Month: Remember to stop and smell the roses (or lavender, or peonies, or lilies). We all work hard to make our gardens look good and it can sometimes be time consuming. Just remember to relax occasionally and enjoy the fruits of your labour.

See you at the meeting!

Sue Mazi, DHS Secretary.