Dunnville Horticulture Society

DHS Newsletter

Sue Mazi, DHS Corresponding Secretary

August 2014

Hello everyone! I can’t believe it’s August already. The summer is flying by and I hope you are all enjoying it. It hasn’t been super-hot this summer and I guess that’s a good thing especially if you’re trying to work outside in your garden. This is such a fabulous time for reaping what we sow in our veggie gardens. I just canned some zucchini relish and soon I’ll be canning peaches. I can’t wait.

Our bus trip to Whistling Gardens and Bonnieheath Lavender Estate Winery was amazing! Thank you to Darren Heimbecker and Steve & Anita Buehner for being wonderful hosts at both venues. St. James Eatery out of Waterford catered the lunch and it was absolutely delicious. After our guided tour of Whistling Gardens we were able to eat lunch and wander about until we were whisked off to Bonnieheath Lavender Estate to see the beautiful white and purple lavender fields. Thank you to our vice president Debbie Thomas for organizing this event. The bus was full and everyone had a good time. Some photos have been uploaded to our website so be sure to check them out.

After a well-deserved break in July your executive and directors immediately got back to work. The Trillium Award Committee sent out an army of judges to scrutinize the more than 40 homes that were nominated for the prestigious awards. 15 residential properties and 3 commercial properties received this year’s award: 628 South Cayuga Street W., 414 Maple Street, 39 Oswego Park, 438 Robinson Rd., 438 Broad St. W., 8 Meadowbrook, 2610 Lakeshore Rd., 787 Marshall Rd., 405 Chestnut St., 908 Cedar St., 1362 Bird Rd., 112 Jarrett Place, 113 Kneider Blvd., 450 Main St. W., 440 Broad St. E., Highway Chapel Church, Dunnville & District Credit Union, and the Dunnville Public Library. Congratulations to all the winners!

Trillium Awards are a very important part of our society’s mandate. Each year we honour Dunnville’s denizens for their hard work making their homes and gardens beautiful. By working hard to make their properties beautiful they are in turn making our town beautiful. We will be presenting the Trillium Awards to the winners at our upcoming general meeting on August 21st. Please be sure to attend to congratulate the recipients and to savour a piece of the Trillium cake.   Many of our present day members first came to a meeting because they won an award and ended up joining. We look forward to Councillor Lorne Boyko assisting with the presentations as he has for the past few years.

Our speaker for the upcoming August general meeting will be Leanne Dykun of Blooming Designs which is located in downtown Dunnville. She will be giving a floral demonstration. Pay close attention because she’ll be offering up great tips on how to put together a winning entry for the Flower & Vegetable show in September.

Speaking of the Flower & Vegetable show, director Pauline Bradford has put together a fun and informal class list for us. We will have more information for you at the upcoming meeting. Our guest speaker for the evening will be Ron Duxbury. Topics: Unique bird-houses and bird-feeders, and Dahlias. His bird houses are always on display at the annual Home & Garden show at the arena and they are so unique. It will be a fun evening for sure!

The flowerbeds around town are absolutely stunning, and so are the 2 huge planters that the DHS purchased with help from a grant from Haldimand County. If you haven’t seen them they are located on Lock Street, filled with annuals and looking beautiful. Our army of volunteers have been working very hard at keeping the beds weeded and Egger Truck & Machine is looking after watering them again this year. The downtown fountain is looking better than ever thanks to Egger Truck & Machine. It has been overhauled and it’s now operating beautifully. Instead of spraying from each corner toward the centre, the water now spouts from the centre. It looks great.

On a sad note, we lost John Ballanger who passed away on June 8th. He has been a long time member of the DHS, along with his wife Betty Ballanger who runs our Ways & Means table at each meeting. Hugs to you, Betty. John was well liked and will be sadly missed by all.

Garden tip of the month: This is the best time of the year! Fruits and vegetables are coming into season, and our food has never tasted so good. If you’re not growing your own in your backyard garden, be sure to buy local! Go to your local market, and watch for Ontario products in the grocery stores.

See you at the general meeting

Sue Mazi, DHS Corresponding Secretary.


Essential advice for the gardener: grow peas of mind, lettuce be thankful, squash selfishness, turnip to help thy neighbor, and always make thyme for loved ones. ~Author Unknown

DHS Monthly Program – Optimist Hall

Aug. 2014

Meeting was called to order by Debbie Thomas at 7:06 p.m. There were 72 people signed in.

Kim Christoff went over the treasurer’s reports for May, June and July, explaining income and expenses.

Sue Mazi asked for a motion to be made to accept the May minutes as read. Marilyn Stavinga moved to have them accepted, and Pauline Bradford seconded the motion. Motion was passed.

Lori Maracle updated the members about our planting day success on May 24th kand the purchase and placement of the downtown planters. She congratulated everyone on how beautiful the flowerbeds are this summer.

Debbie Thomas updated everyone on the June garden walk at Beth Powell and Ken Sherwood’s home in Canfield.

Their gardens are absolutely spectacular. 49 people attended and everyone had a wonderful time. Thank you to Beth and Ken for your hospitality.

The bus trip to Whistling Gardens and Bonnieheath Lavender farm was a huge success. Lunch was provided by St. James Eatery. Because we were upgraded from a school bus to a coach we were able to sell a few last minute tickets, taking a total of 51 people.

Roger Egger of Egger Truck & Machine Ltd. is maintaining the downtown fountain for us. The BIA has installed a heron statue on it. Roger is also watering the town beds this year. Thank you to Roger and Egger Truck & Machine for your invaluable support.

We have installed 2 herons and 2 big rocks in the Christmas tree bed in the gore. We put a heron on each side of the bridge and we installed a big rock in the Dunnville Secondary School bed. We are planning on having a heron installed on that rock.

Floral Clock: Thomas Mains Ltd. has maintained the clock for years. Jack Napper who now owns and operates the business has agreed to continue next year.  At the present time the clock is not running. We will be applying for a partnership grant from Haldimand County to have the clock repaired in 2015.

We are having a Flower & Vegetable show at the September general meeting. The show will be completely informal with no Master Gardener judges. Pauline Bradford has put together a list of classes that should prove to be interesting and fun. Lori read out the class list and copies of the class list were given out.

Anti-spam legislation: We are working on putting together a letter that will be emailed to our members. This only affects the members who are being contacted by email. You can choose to unsubscribe or remain on our list. Please read it carefully when you get it. Please make sure that Kim has your correct email.

We will be applying for 2015 grant money from Haldimand County in October. Debbie asked if anyone has any ideas of projects that we could take on for next year to please let her, Lori or Kim know. They form our grant committee.

Lori read a letter from Lester Fretz telling her how much he likes the DHS. He has worked with numerous charities over the years and especially likes what we do.

At our November meeting we will be swearing in our officers for 2015. Please see one of the executive members if you have any interest in becoming a member of the board. Don’t be shy! We need to know by October’s meeting.

We’ll have a Penny Sale again at the November general meeting with lots of great prizes. This is our annual Christmas celebration and the Penny Sale was a big hit last year.

Maura asked for more volunteers to help with the kitchen. Volunteers are needed for the next 2 meetings.

Councillor Lorne Boyko spoke and congratulated us on our beautiful flowerbeds. He acknowledged our hard work and dedication and presented our 2014 Trillium Awards. 15 residential properties and 3 commercial properties received this year’s award:

628 South Cayuga Street W 908 Cedar St
414 Maple Street 1362 Bird Rd
39 Oswego Park 112 Jarrett Place
438 Robinson Rd 113 Kneider Ave
438 Broad St. W 450 Main St. W
8 Meadowbrook 440 Broad St. E
2610 Lakeshore Rd Highway Chapel Church
787 Marshall Rd Dunnville & District Credit Union
405 Chestnut St Dunnville Public Library

Congratulations to all the winners! Pictures of the winning homes are displayed on the wall in the Optimist Hall, and the 2013 pictures were taken home by their respective owners.

At 7:45 p.m. we took a break for food. Pizzas that were donated by Pazzo’s Pizza were absolutely delicious as were the goodies made by Maura Cooper and the sandwiches made by Gloria Hunter. Thank you to everyone who contributed to the wonderful food.

Shortly after 8:00 p.m. Lori introduced our speaker for the evening, Ms. Leanne Dykun. Leanne owns a florist and gift shop in downtown Dunnville. She showed us how to put together an arrangement using Oasis and various flowers, vegetables and greenery. After her demonstration 5 of her gorgeous creations were raffled off. The winners were Deb Zinomirski, Bruce Nevils, Marie Bak, Lorraine Stevens, and Ken Sherwood. Congratulations to our lucky winners.

Lori took a moment to thank our Trillium Award judges for volunteering their time and also said thank you to Ian Steel who is our webmaster.   He provided the wonderful slideshow for the evening, and framed the Trillium Award photos.

Ways & Means winners were called. Thank you to everyone who donated items for the table and to Betty Ballanger and Gwen VanNatter for a job well done. We raised $68.00.

Maura announced that she has volunteers lined up for September and October’s meetings for kitchen help. Thank you to everyone who donated to the kitchen fund.

Thank you to our 2 dedicated students, Ethan and Aidan for all their hard work setting up and cleaning up.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:45 p.m.