Dunnville Horticulture Society

DHS Monthly Program – Optimist Hall

Thursday June 16, 2011 7 p.m.

MEETING CALLED TO ORDER by Kim Christoff at 7:10 p.m. There were 40 members present.

READING OF THE MAY MINUTES was done by Kim. Pauline moved to have the minutes accepted as read. Vel Levatte seconded the motion and it was passed.

NEW MAIL  Pat Taylor-Van Natter won the employee volunteer grant offered by her employer ScotiaBank. The Dunnville Horticultural was the recipient of a $1000 grant. Thanks Pat!
Information was given by Gwen VanNatter on the RBG Lily Show. Entry fee is $15. Dates and times may be found on their website.

TREASURER’S REPORT FOR MAY was read by Kim. Copy attached. A motion was made by Pam to have this report accepted as read. Gwen seconded the motion and it was passed.

MUDCAT PARADE was discussed by Pam Blanchard. A special thank you was given to Don Davis for all his help plus all the other people who helped to decorate the float on Friday and walked in the parade. Thanks to Judy for the use of the flowers and a big thank you to Pam for a job well done. Our float with antique Cockshutt tractor and old wagon was great.

THE DOWNTOWN FOUNTAIN is up and running. Seeing soap suds is very disappointing as this affects the mechanism of the fountain and will lead to needed repairs.

THE FLOWER BEDS are all in and look wonderful. Thanks to Annette Dodge for a great job painting up our signs for the beds and to Don Davis for providing mulch. And thanks to all who helped in the planting and maintaining:

West Sign: Jan Loots, Ian Steel

  • East Sign: Pam Blanchard, Lori Maracle, Debbie Thomas
  • SubVenture: Doris Thompson, Betty Ballanger
  • Town Hall: Annette Dodge, Mary McKinney
  • Drug store and other BIA bed downtown: Judy Jeffery, Maura Cooper, Steve Elgersma, Annette Dodge, Kim Christoff
  • Floral Clock: Hellen Edyl, Marge Visser, Sam Visser, Carley Robinson, Katelyn, Kim Christoff
  • Downtown Sign: Carley Robinson-Godkin, Katelyn Marr, Marge Visser, Sam Visser, Kim Christoff
  • Anchor: Ian Steel

    TRILLIUM AWARDS are coming up. Boxes are throughout the town and submissions are accepted until July 3. 2011. Each member was given a ballot to fill out for their choice of beautiful garden. A motion was presented and passed at the executive meeting to make a few amendments to the Judging Policy. Each property will be judged by 3 separate judges, although they may still go out as a group or individually. Also, all judges must attend a short training session before becoming a judge. A plea for more judges was presented. The desired number of 12 was almost reached when some others agreed to take part. The judges now are: Karen Waltham, Vel Lavatte, Marylou Johnson, Annette Dodge, Chris Kollee, Sandra Shaw, Lori Maracle, Debbie Thomas, Ian Steel, Mary McKinney and Kim Christoff.
    There will be a training session Thursday June 23 at 7 p.m. at 122 Inman Road .

    THE GARDEN WALK will take place on Thursday July 21. Betty Ballanger discussed how we will meet at the church at 6 p.m. , carpool to different gardens and finish with a BBQ at Doris Thompson’s. It was requested that nibbles be brought. A show of hands gave us an estimate of 40+ members attending.

    AUGUST MEETING will be an auction! Judy Jeffery asked for members and businesses alike to donate items for our members’ auction. She also mentioned that there will be a surprise at the meeting!

    THE FLOWER AND VEGETABLE SHOW will be held at Grandview Lodge on Saturday August 25. Everyone was encouraged to enter. There will be new category at this year’s show- Photography. They must be 4×6 for the exhibit. More information will be given out at the August meeting which is a week before the show.

    REFRESHMENTS were provided by Barb Davis, Debbie Thomas and . Excellent spread!

    SPEAKERS were introduced by Pat Taylor-VanNatter. Ed and Sue Dolan from Trembling Aspens gave a presentation on herb gardening and their uses. It was an interesting and delicious show.

    WAYS AND MEANS was held by Betty Ballanger. All items were live plants or bulbs. We raised $54.

    MEETING WAS ADJOURNED by Judy at 9:30 .